Kill a lionfish


This is war and I am declaring war. I started to hunt lionfish.
This species is invading the Caribbean and it’s a killer. Lionfish feed on juvenile fish and reproduce like rabbits. Today we killed three of those bastards and it’s gonna be more. I got clearence from the company and the license to kill. My divecenter provides boats, captains and tanks. Long enough we’ve been watching the invasion. Caribbean reefs are dieing while this dangerous predator keeps on spreading and eats it’s way along our reefs. And they are so delicious. Just like chicken but better. Tomorrow I’m gonna get my speargun to kill more of them. For sure we can’t eradicate the lionfish but we might be able to preserve some reservarts for other fish to breed.
Lionfish are toxic and have almost no natural enemies in Dominican Republic. It’s quite easy to kill a lionfish. For example you can use a speargun. Spear the fish and kill it with a knife. Be prepared because the head is quite hard. And you only have one try. This fish is intelligent. If you don’t hit it with the first shot it will hide and there will be no second chance to get it.


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