A CMAS, a SSI, a PADI instructor and their studens are on their way to the divesite. Suddenly the boat crashes into a reef and sinks.
The CMAS instructor says: “OK, guys. No Problem. We are CMAS! We are tough! We have the best training! It’s just 2 miles to the beach. Go! Go! Go! We’re gonna swim back!”
The SSI instructor: “Very good, very good! We are SSI. Take it easy, we are here to have fun. Don’t worry, inflate your BCDs and link up. We’re gonna get rescued in a couple of minutes.”
The PADI instructor puts his mask on, checks the bottom and says: “Guys, this is just great! Diving is fun and today we have a special offer for you! For just 100 Dollars more we’ll go for a great wreck dive!”


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