EE – Electronic Eavesdropping 1


“Lauschangriff” is back. The weekly Electionic Eavesdropping introduces an internet radio station and encourages you to listen, enjoy and leave a comment.

SomaFM commercial free internet radio

SomaFM“It all began because there was nothing good to listen to on the radio…”

I’m not sure about the radio but for sure I’m glad it began. What started with just one channel got big. Today Soma is serving about 6 million commercial free listener supported hours a month. The classic Drone Zone is safe with most medications. Chill out with minimal beats. Basically they got everything: Deep-house, downtempo, some mellow vocals, progressive house, jazzy tunes, indie, rock… just name it. You can even listen to NASA mission control with minimal beats.

Tune in, drop out. I’m with you.


2 Responses to “EE – Electronic Eavesdropping 1”

  1. frederik Says:

    Und du bist sicher, dass das noch kein Lauschangriff war ;)?

    Grüße aus dem verregneten Deutschland!

  2. jandives Says:

    Aber immer wieder gut.

    Ach ja, 28 Grad, Wind Suedost 18,5km/h, 79% Luftfeuchtigkeit.

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