My best friend ciprofloxacin


Dominican Republic – land of white beaches, crystal clear water and germs. I love the beaches and the water while the germs love me. And they fell in love with me again. Fever, diarrhea… all the good stuff. I don’t know how people survived in this country before the antibiotics came up. After four years I’m quite resistant but from time to time it still hits me. Salmonellae are really great… third time.
So, once more ciprofloxacin 500mg every 12 hours. At least in this country you can get it for around one US-Dollar per pill. And after less than a day you feel fine again.


2 Responses to “My best friend ciprofloxacin”

  1. Stockgerd Says:

    I know a better place for living….less dangerous for your health!


    • jandives Says:

      Cold water makes my joints hurt. I prefer cipro once a year.
      And btw, as a side-effect of the drug I’m resistant to anthrax, too. So if Al Qaida strikes, I’m safe.

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