Dominican Cooking


Is there life after pica pollo (fried chicken), pollo guisado (cooked chicken) rice and beans, beans and rice? Well, some might answer sancocho (meat stew) and albondigas (meat balls). There is more, as Dominican Cooking shows.
I just had some nice lambi guisado for dinner. Don’t trust this recipe! “Time: 20 Minutes” must be a joke. Before you cook the lambi you need to clean it which takes a long time because lambi if full of sand (filet is almost clean). Boil the lambi for a couple of minutes, pour the water away and clean it again. Lambi is really slimy. Now you have to cook the lambi for another 60-90 minutes to get some nice and tender meat. You might consider buying the white filet of lambi which is even more tender.
Instead of the hot pepper sauce I would add a little bit of fresh habanero peppers, more garlic, onions and absolutely no oil. Before serving garnish with ground pepper.


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