Goodbye Windows



The last Microsoft Windows partition just died. As we need to support open standards to do high definition underwater video we decided to remove Windows from our computers. Dual boot was nice but it’s just a waste of disc space. From now on we will be running pure Linux. For the moment we are using ubuntu 10.10 and on the other computer 10.04 but we’ll upgrade to 10.10 soon. Ubuntu is fast, extremely stable and offers all the software we need.


2 Responses to “Goodbye Windows”

  1. nodch Says:

    Now that’s a good decision. Ubuntu just works, the tinkering days are over.
    What do you use for video editing? Kdenlive, Cinelerra, Kino,…?

  2. jandives Says:

    There are several interesting programs. LiVES, KiNO, Avidemux… depends on what you want to do. Just Pitivi really sucks.

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