Who am I? Win a drink!


Who am I

I am black, I am white, I am red and I have two wheels instead of two legs. For sure I am ugly but I am lightweight, have a nice torque and Jan is in love with me. If you know who I am, add a comment and win a free Cuba Libre (or two) on the beach of Sosua!


4 Responses to “Who am I? Win a drink!”

  1. Wendy Baeyens Says:

    Jan’s headlights

    For sure I’ll win the drink! FOR FREE + the bottle

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    […] my Honda XR 250 Baja By jandives I’m selling my Honda XR 250 Baja. 250cc four stroke RFVC four valve engine. New piston rings and oil seals. Bike […]

  3. Alex Voronin Says:

    where is my free cuba-libra, or two?:))

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