Lionfish Cookbook


This species is a dangerous, invasive predator but we will keep it under control. There are several reasons but the most important one: They are delicious. 2 dives – 16 lionfish. Dinner for 10. You don’t know how to cook them? Get your Lionfish Cookbook. Kill them, safe the reef and have the best fish ever. “Eat‘em to Beat ‘em! The meat has a delicate, buttery flavor and is considered a delicacy.”


2 Responses to “Lionfish Cookbook”

  1. Detlev Says:

    nearly 17 Bucks, god dam where is your passion for the GPL?

    • jandives Says:

      That money goes to REEF.
      Check out the free recipes here:

      Olive oil, lime juice, garlic, salt, pepper… I could eat them every day. If anybody wants to join me for the next lionfish hunt: 31-Jan-2011, 10:30am at Northern Coast Diving. Lionfish dinner at 6:30am in my apartment. I’ll try some lionfish with coconut milk and red curry.

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