Scroogle won’t be evil


Don't be evil

Once upon a time — actually it was a few short years ago — Google decided to sell ads. They called it “contextual advertising,” and today it accounts for 99 percent of their revenue. But all is not well in Googleland. Thousands upon thousands of sites, with millions and millions of pages, had been trying to rank well in Google’s search engine even before Google sold ads. Now these same spammers can get paid for their spam by slapping Google’s ads on them. The entire web went downhill so fast that Google lost its ability to sort out the spammers from the real content. But Google didn’t care, because their cut for all of those ads came right off the top. The more spam there was, the richer Google got. One year after going public, their market capitalization is neck-to-neck with Time Warner.

Search Google while Google can’t see your IP, can’t set cookies and can’t place ads: Scroogle SSL. The connection is secured with AES-256.


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