Unleash your router


The WiFi signal in our new apartment is pretty weak. Well, what do we have left? A Linksys WRT54G2 V1.0 router with a stupid Linksys (VxWorks based) firmware. Does that help? Yes!
Once VxWorks was killed and the free Linux-based DD-WRT firmware was installed I was able to repeat the existing WiFi connection and get a strong signal in our apartment. The benefits? Internet access and I unleashed my router. I can control the router and the network. I don’t even want to talk about all the money I saved thanks to DD-WRT.

Don’t be afraid to migrate to DD-WRT. Take that step! A lot of routers support it. You’ll never want to go back to the original firmware. You’ll have all the old features and tons of goodies. It’s almost impossible to brick this router if you have stable power.


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