Road-trip, babe!


700km, 1 Honda XR, 2 people, 4 days. Highway 5 from Sosua to Rio San Juan. Nice ride along the north coast. Passed Playa Grande and all those villas on the way to Cabrera. Still following the coastline on the way to Nagua. Make sure to buy gas in Nagua. Once you are on Autopista 7 and on your way to Santo Domingo / Carretera de las Americas there won’t be any gas station (or drinking water supply) for almost 130km. We are going up the mountains passing the national park Los Haitises. After Haitises it starts raining. Business as usual. Kind of getting used to it. The landscape is absolutely stunning and the road is in perfect condition. The best is, that motorbikes don’t pay the “peaje”. I love it.

Well, just keep going. Whenever there are toll stations make sure you stay on the very right. Right of the right lane. That’s the toll free one for the bikes. It’s amazing how many “motoristas” run out of gas. We saw at least twenty. Sorry, as we don’t have more than 10 liters for ourselves we can’t help you guys.

After about 130km you reach the Carretera de Las Americas. That’s a real Highway that takes you either to the capital Santo Domingo or to San Pedro. I’m not a big fan of Santo Domingo and I don’t like San Pedro either but Boca Chica is worth a visit. I love the lagoon, the warm water and I have a lot of friends over there. We stayed in Hotel Mango. Usually not my first choice but as a friend of mine is working there… However, small, clean, nice garden, calm and very affordable. I can highly recommend it. You are hungry? Try the Gusto Tropical! Order the amazing Carpaccio with Parmesan before you enjoy some delicious pasta with pesto alla genovese. The best breakfast in town is served in Pequena Suiza. Great coffee, good quality breakfast. A little bit pricey (well, 4-6 USD for a generous meal, coffee and fresh juice might sound cheap to you) but it’s well worth it.

Took a ride to Juan Dolio to meet some more friends and the new owners of Neptuno Dive. The new owner Robert is a very nice guy. I didn’t dive with them this time but the dive center looks as organized as it used to be. Very good boats, highly qualified dive guides (yes, I know all of them) and solid gear. For sure worth a visit. Ask for Jean. He is one of the best Divemasters I met in the Dominican Republic.

But what happened to Juan Dolio? I still do know a lot of the residents but where is the village? Those apartment buildings remind me of skyscrapers. However, if you stay on the beach you will be fine and they won’t bother you at all. Those guys are right: This could be Miami beach II. For some reason it isn’t. Juan Dolio is dead. Most of the hotels are closed. We saw 4 tourists on the road. There are just 2 hotels left. This used to be a prosperous village, beach town or whatever you want to call it.

Does anybody know Bigote? If you ever go there try to meet that guy. He’s even a little bit more crazy than I am and his tales are a blast.

And now what? Go back to Boca Chica, enjoy the lagoon, have a drink with Pablo and Chris, the staff of Treasure Divers.

Don’t forget to say good-bye to Karl in Hotel Mango but it’s time for a road-trip, babe!

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