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Jan’s born to grill with Divecenter Merlin


Setting up a BBQ with Divecenter Merlin at the Tam Tam Bar Sosua (Calle Ayuntamiento, opposite of Hotel Romanoff). All you can eat for just 400 Dominican Pesos (10 US-Dollars, 8 Euros). Please, drop me a line before Thursday (07-Feb-2013) to make a reservation.


A lot of work


Sorry, guys… been a bit lazy lately. Jan has been so busy teaching Scuba. I will post some pics soon. For now I’m just teaching and diving. Teaching diving 😉

Snow is falling


Enable Javascript and snow is falling. Scuba Instructor’s Blog is a full service Christmas Blog.

Big in Japan


Ain’t that amazing?

New phone number


My old Alcatel grilled my SIM and died. If you want to know my new number (or feel that I should know yours) send me an email or leave a comment with your email address.

Back to Kubrick


The only clean WordPress theme. Scuba Instructor’s Blog will stay with that one for a while.

New Layout


Scuba Instructor has a new layout. Any comments?

Moving Sosua is growing


Moving Sosua is offering more than 2.3TB hard drive storage. Check it out and take your vacation back home!

New blogger


Scuba Instructor’s Blog has a new author. It’s Jessica, co-owner of Moving Sosua. She is a professional underwater photo- and videographer. Hopefully we’ll get to see more nice photos and videos soon. Happy Moo Year! I hope you mooed today.

Ruddy goes Moving Sosua


Check it out here