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El Motoconcho


Feels like home.


At the airport


It’s not a good sign if they call you twenty minutes before boarding. It doesn’t get any better if they don’t tell you why, some armed security guides you to customs and you have to open your suitcase.

“What’s this? Are you Rambo?”
“This is a dive knife.”
“Ah, are you a diver?”
“Yes.” Pulled out a pile of C-Cards…

“Is this marijuana?”
“It’s cocoa.”
“Can you prove it?”
“Smell it!”
“Mmmh, OK.”

“This is what we have been looking for. What is this?”
“It’s a DVD-writer.”
“It looks like explosives. What do you need it for?”
“To write DVDs?!?!”
“It looks like explosives.”
“To me it looks like an external Plextor DVD writer.”
“Looks like a bomb. What do you need it for?”
“To write DVDs as I just told you… Listen guys, I have a bottle of nice Barcelo Imperial rum and some Mamajuana. Can’t you just get us some cups and we have a drink?”

Well, of course we didn’t have a drink but everybody started laughing and I passed this little extra check. You have to love the Dominican Republic 🙂

Gas prices are sick


Payed well more than 5USD per gallon. 500 Pesos to gas up my bike. You guys are just insane. This is a third world country. While gas is around 3USD in the US we pay 245Pesos? More than 5USD? WTF is wrong with you?

Playa Magante



La Yagua, Dominican Republic. One of those hidden treasures.

Shark season at Rio San Juan


Reef shark at Rio San Juan‘s dive site Las Rocas which is famous for it’s caverns and tunnels. I’m loving it! Will be back next Saturday. You’d better stay there…

Went south


I visited Boca Chica, Santo Domingo and the German embassy.
Hotel Mango still is a great place to stay and La Pequeña Suiza serves the best breakfast ever.

I met some old friends and sadly found out that others passed away or left the island.

If you ever need a fast ride from Boca Chica to the capital make sure to ask for Pauli. Schumacher is his younger brother from another mother 😉

Finally I ran into Rudi and his wife. Goodbye, have a great time and welcome back soon:


Let’s go for a dive!

Save the reef!



Eat this invasive predator!

For my friend Hauke


Those guys rock and you rock, too: PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy, PADI Deep Diver, PADI Wreck Diver.

Rio San Juan



Cruising the lagoon. Heading out for scuba and snorkeling.

Upside-down jellyfish



Lovely member of the Cassiopea family. Nice dive with underwater photographer Peter and Divecenter Merlin.