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Ramadan – Have a Snack


The guys at the Saudi embassy are looking a bit grumpy:



El Motoconcho


Feels like home.

Britain is great


I wonder who makes up all the funny names. You might have heard of buckshot. Well, in the UK you can live in Bagshot. One of my dreams is ham & eggs for breakfast (an Earley breakfast?) in Egham.

And of course they always have parking space for good friends:


At the airport


It’s not a good sign if they call you twenty minutes before boarding. It doesn’t get any better if they don’t tell you why, some armed security guides you to customs and you have to open your suitcase.

“What’s this? Are you Rambo?”
“This is a dive knife.”
“Ah, are you a diver?”
“Yes.” Pulled out a pile of C-Cards…

“Is this marijuana?”
“It’s cocoa.”
“Can you prove it?”
“Smell it!”
“Mmmh, OK.”

“This is what we have been looking for. What is this?”
“It’s a DVD-writer.”
“It looks like explosives. What do you need it for?”
“To write DVDs?!?!”
“It looks like explosives.”
“To me it looks like an external Plextor DVD writer.”
“Looks like a bomb. What do you need it for?”
“To write DVDs as I just told you… Listen guys, I have a bottle of nice Barcelo Imperial rum and some Mamajuana. Can’t you just get us some cups and we have a drink?”

Well, of course we didn’t have a drink but everybody started laughing and I passed this little extra check. You have to love the Dominican Republic 🙂

Ready for your PADI Deep Diver Specialty?



Want to learn more about deep diving without taking the risk of DCI? I’ll take you deeper and yes, diving deep is fun 🙂

10 Ways to Tell Your Students Are Not Ready for Open Water


Proud to be a Scuba Instructor. Nice indeed:

Tell them why they are not ready for open water!

Great day for a dive


Blue sky, gentle warm breeze, squirrels having fun up in the palm trees…


Gotta get my gear ready.

Sweet dreams



England is great.

Teaching Emergency First Response


It won’t happen but you’d better be prepared:


Sign up for EFR and Rescue Diver today!

Stop using RC4! NSA is watching you!


The RC4 cipher is not secure anymore and most likely the NSA can break it in real time. So stop using it! RC4 is very fast and this is why a lot of sites use it by default. If you don’t accept RC4 almost 100% of the websites will support secure encryption.

For Firefox: Start Firefox, type ‘about:config’ , search for ‘RC4’ and set all values to ‘false’. Well done! Firefox won’t accept RC4 anymore.

You might call me paranoid but the NSA Is Breaking Most Encryption on the Internet. Just use stronger keys… Let’s have some fun 🙂